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R1,450.00 R1,305.00

  • Exclusive design by popular demand
  • Easy and cost effective to maintain
  • Plug and play design with Synergy ballast, no wiring required
  • Fitting colour – White
  • Suggested Globe – E40 Planta HPS, Metal hallide or HPS
  • Size – H29xL50xW14
  • Proven results
  • Application – For indoor use only
  • Pair with our extraction fans and flex ducting for best results

NB : Has to be paired with a Synergy Sun I Remote Ballast 250W or 400W


The Synergy Sun I is our versatile vented high intensity discharge(HID) light fitting. It has to be paired with a Synergy Sun Remote Ballast either 250W or 400W. We designed this fitting to be versatile and cost effective for easy maintenance and excellent proven performance.

This light fitting has various uses and although aimed at horticulture it can also be used in a gym, garage or workshop to keep things fresh. It can be ordered to have multiple light fittings connected to one fan or to be specially wired for a CFL globe option, please inquire direct for more information. Paired with our Planta grow globe or just a normal Metal halide or HPS it gives great results . The added benefits of the Synergy Sun I is an option for it to be paired with one of our extractor fans to be actively cooled. It can then also be used as a dehumidifier. Please note this light fitting is for indoor use only. Do not mix globes with different power ratings, 400W ballast for 400W globe and 250W ballast for 250W globe only.

Additional information

Weight 3.5 kg
Dimensions 500 × 250 × 180 cm

Power cord

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